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RECIPE: our award-winning soup

We were thrilled to win the 2015 Penticton Art Gallery Soup Bowls competition recently. This is a great annual fundraiser for our local gallery, as guests get a handmade pottery bowl, try great soups, and vote for their favourite.

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We be jammin'!

The harvest season in the Okanagan is upon us, and it's an early one this year thanks to the heat we've had this spring and summer. The fruits and veggies are spectacular already! And we are having fun with our preserves.

We make jams, jellies, and pickled things which you'll sometimes find in our daily features, and on our shelves for you to take home and enjoy. Give a jar or two as a gift, or to say "thanks for hosting me" if you're just visiting the South Okanagan. Take a few preserves home so you can remember the taste of Okanagan sunshine!

Our preserves are prepared in house, hand-labeled, and with fresh ingredients from our farm friends. Try some picked apricots, strawberry-lavender jam, quince never know what we'll be creating next.

Might as well go for soda...

To quote Canadian rock icon Kim Mitchell:  might as well go for soda! We're thrilled to be working with Penticton's The People's Crafthouse to produce our own season cream soda this summer.

What is cream soda? BRODO Soda is made with very few ingredients: a base of carbonated water, organic cane sugar, vanilla beans and lemon zest. No artificial colours, flavours, sugars or preservatives.

Keeping with our fresh food theme, we add juice from local, in season fruits. So far -- cherry, and an apricot-peach blend. Coming this season, the possibilities are, grape, rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and many other botanicals and combinations depending on the quantity and quality of this year's harvest.

A regular at BRODO, Jason Cox of  The People's Crafthouse and our Chef Paul Cecconi started talking last year about creating a true farm-to-table soda made from natural, local ingredients. 

It took twelve months to perfect the idea, the flavours, create the Seasonal Cream Soda labels, and conduct tastings to bring something special to the BRODO cooler.

Both BRODO and the Crafthouse share common ethics and ideas when it comes to respecting ingredients and letting the true flavours shine. 

Pick up a bottle or two at BRODO and enjoy with lunch or dinner, or take a few to go in your cooler this summer.

For more info on The People's Crafthouse, visit: